Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Roger Beebe, March 29th

As a complement to his March 28 multi-projector show at the Northwest Film Forum, Roger Beebe will be presenting a second program of single-channel work spanning his 20-year career in experimental films. These films include a wide variety of formats from super 8mm ("The Strip Mall Trilogy" (2001)) and 16mm film ("S A V E" (2006)) to SD ("Famous Irish Americans" (2003)) and HD video "(Congratulations (One Step at a Time)" (2014)); they also include a wide variety of strategies including original shot film (“rock/hard place” (2005)), found footage (“Dirty Harry and the Hendersons” (1998)), and even experimental karaoke (“Touch Me Karaoke” (2008)). The films and videos share Beebe’s interest in the contemporary landscape, both literal (i.e., the America of strip malls and SUVs) and figurative (i.e., the pop cultural media landscape of Tommy Hilfiger commercials). They also share Beebe’s hybrid approach to experimental films that combines a rigorous approach to form with a gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) humor.

Grand Illusion Cinema, March 29th, 7:00pm

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