Thursday, May 28, 2015

Crossroads: an Evening of Seattle History

How will the current shifts in population affect the personality of our city? We at EXcinema have gathered some films and videos that offer a glimpse of our past that range from indigenous and frontier histories, to a performance inspired by the gentrification of an artist's neighborhood in the 80s.  Works by Jon Behrens, Debra Bouchegnies, Drew Christie, Salise Hughes, Chuck Iffland, Britta Johnson, Georg Koszulinski, Reed O'Beirne, and Tracy Rector.

VENUE CHANGE. Event will take place at Northwest Film Forum, June 16th, 7:00 pm

Still from Drew Christie's Fire, Fire, I Heard the Cry

Still from Salise Hughes' Tall Trees

Still from Tracy Rector's Humming Bird

Below is a review written in 1989 of "Civilization" (Meg McHutchison, ReFlex ), an ambitious multi-discipline art project addressing the then changing face of Seattle.  A project and article that could have easily been created to address our current wave of gentrification. We will be screening a rare showing of Seeing and Remembering,  documenting a performance from that project featuring visual artist Chuck Iffland and poet Jesse Bernstein. And as a bonus we will show another Jesse Bernstein performance made the same year where he reads to the public from inside the display windows of the Bon Marche (Macy's). Thanks to Chuck Iffland, Larry Reid, Debra Bouchegnies, and Kurt Geissel for helping me track down these videos.

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